Vintage Turquoise Kitchen

Vintage Turquoise Club Pots

Vintage Turquoise Club Pots

So I don’t have any new crafts to share today, but I thought I’d show my score from flea markets and thrift stores this past week. I got a LOT of vintage items, but I thought I’d feature my favorite little group of vintage turquoise kitchen items. These guys are just so charming, and I would love to have them as a part of my kitchen decor…

I found 2 of these club pots and only one lid. They aren’t in very good condition, but I love the color, the wear and tear that proves they have been a part of many a family dinner for someone somewhere….

Club pots are an excellent brand with a long life… they just don’t make them like they used to.

Vintage Club Pot

Vintage Club Brand Pot

Vintage Club Pan Turquoise

Vintage Club Frying Pan

Vintage Club Turquoise Frying Pan

Vintage Club Logo

Next up are these adorable vintage salt and pepper shakers…in turquoise. I love their simple design in shapes of letters, no wondering which one’s the salt and which one’s the pepper! These guys are in excellent condition and still have their original stopper.

Vintage Turquoise Salt and Pepper Shakers Kitchen

Vintage Turquoise Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Turquoise Salt Shakers

Vintage Turquoise Shakers

Also this awesome vintage plastic pitcher. It’s in great used condition, and its easy to tell once you peek in side that this guy has served a LOT of sweet tea! And what great southern pitcher hasn’t? Especially one rescued from the deep south.

Vintage Turquoise Plastic Pitcher

Vintage Turquoise Pitcher

Vintage Turquoise Pitcher

Vintage Turquoise Pitcher

And finally, this little set of turquoise Tupperware-like containers. These would make great storage for things on the counter, crafting supplies, home office, oh, just about anything. :)

Vintage Turquoise Tupperware

Vintage Turquoise Kitchen Storage

Vintage Turquoise Tupperware

Vintage Turquoise Tupperware

And that’s it for my vintage turquoise kitchen items…Love them.

2 Responses to Vintage Turquoise Kitchen

  1. Cheapchick says:

    Great colour theme. I especially love the S&P shakers. Great finds!

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