Vintage Luggage Love

Flea Market Finds

Vintage Purple Suitcase

Purple Explosion Interior

So as my fiance and I were headed back to Alabama from Florida on a Sunday afternoon at 4:45PM I spot a flea market I’ve never seen before off of I-10. Luckily, and with a little bribery, we pull off the interstate to see what we can find in the last 15 minutes before the flea markets close for the weekend…and that is when we stumbled across this little jewel way on the back row tucked under a table…


From the outside it looks plain and boring enough. But as soon as I opened it I knew I had to have it. What a bright funky purple interior! So fun!


Vintage Airway Luggage

Vintage Hard Shell Tapered Suitcase

Vintage Luggage Interior

Near Mint Interior

Since I had already purchased 2 other vintage suitcases on my trip to Jacksonville, having the third just seemed right :) So I bartered down the tired lady on a Sunday evening and got my suitcase for $7. What a steal!  I couldn’t believe what good condition the elastic pockets were still in!  I think she still has places to go in her life!

Here are the other two lovely vintage ladies I snagged for $3 each earlier that week. I’ve seen some fun projects for end tables and other vintage luggage displays, so hopefully these girls will find their new home and start off on a newly salvaged life.

Vintage Lady Baltimore Luggage

Vintage Luggage Stacking

Vintage Suitcase

Lavender Interior with Perfect Pockets

Vintage Suitcase Flea Market

Large Suitcase with Lavender Interior

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