Valentine’s Yarn Wreath

DIY Yarn Wreath

DIY Valentine's Wreath

I love wreaths, the way they just brighten up the front door, whether you’re coming home from a long day of work or welcoming vistors over. These yarn wreaths are easy to do. can be made for under $10, and hold up well for use year after year. It’s been awhile since I made one of these, so I thought one for Valentine’s Day would be perfect. The fun colors can definitely decorate through the spring also, so extra points for Valentin’s Decorations that don’t have to be packed away at the end of February.

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

For supplies you’ll need the following:

Straw wreath with plastic wrap still on it. (Any size although I used a 14″ for this project)
Felt in Several Coordinating Colors
Hot Glue Gun
Wood Letter if desired

Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath DIY

Yarn Wreath Supplies

Now start wrapping your wreath with your yarn. Make sure you leave the plastic wrapping on the wreath so that straw isn’t sticking out all over the place while you try to wrap. You can either secure the end of the yarn with a knot or hot glue to get started…then just wrap…and wrap…and wrap.

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Wrap the Wreath with the Yarn

Keep going until the entire wreath is covered. Before you tie-off your yarn thoroughly inspect the wreath to make sure all of the straw underneath is covered.

Then add whatever decorations you’ll be using. I used a white wood letter that stands for “Salvage” :) and lots of felt flowers. Just attach them using your hot glue gun in any way you feel like! For a full tutorial on how to make each type of flower check the tutorials below. There’s no end to the color combinations you can use on one of these, so get creative!

DIY Yarn Wreath

Fully Cover Wreath in Yarn

Felt Rose Bud Tutorial

Felt Rose with Petals Tutorial

Felt Rose Tutorial

Felt Rosette Tutorial

DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Rose

Felt Mum Tutorial

DIY Felt Mum Tutorial No-Sew

2-Tone Felt Flower

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

DIY Valentine's Wreath

8 Responses to Valentine’s Yarn Wreath

  1. Brittany says:

    Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the turquoise! I found you through My Romantic Home. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. This wreath is so freakin’ adorable — I love it! I feel inspired to make a yarn wreath myself…thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Very cute! I love the combo of the blue & the reds/pinks. I need to make a V-Day wreath myself, I just haven’t had the chance!

    Visiting from Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

  4. Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve included it in a wreath roundup post on my blog:
    :) Deb

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