Simply Salvage in House of Fifty

Simply Salvage Lindsey Hamlin SmithHouse of Fifty is a blog, and publication featuring inspired spaces.  This publication ins’t afraid of a little color!  Thanks to the inspired room design by Kiki’s List, my Beaded Heaven chandelier and my shop get a moment in the lime light.  Take a minute to flip through the pages online, or visit the House of Fifty Blog for more inspired spaces!




House of Fifty Spring Issue 2012

House of Fifty

Page 126 - House of Fifty

Page 127 - House of Fifty

One Response to Simply Salvage in House of Fifty

  1. Elle-Cie says:

    I love your blog. I have been working on a chandelier and needed to figure out how to build my frame from scratch. Lo and behold I found your blog. The directions are wonderful. Thank You

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