Shabby Chic Custom Chandeliers

Custom Chandeliers Shabby Chic

Farmhouse Kitchen Chandelier

One of Simply Salvage’s best selling products is upcycled fun and funky custom chandeliers. Large box stores like Home Depot and Lowes just don’t offer light fixtures with a customized personal feel and custom lighting companies charge several hundred or even thousands for a light fixtures just like these.

Want the custom light fixture look for less??? Simply Salvage shop on Etsy has it all. These chandeliers all started out as unwanted brass monsters and have now been transformed into gorgeous shabby chic chandeliers that are bound to be a functional family treasure for years to come.

Don’t just stop at changing up the base of the chandelier.  Utilize funky materials such as hemp cording, or seed beads dress up the typical chandelier candle covers, further customizing the look. Really give your room a cohesive, finished look by starting from the top down, and coordinating your custom chandelier with the feel and style of the rest of the room.

Hot Pink Light Fixture - Shabby Chic

Hot Pink and Fabulous

Custom Purple Chandeliers

Purple Delight Custom Chandelier

Green Light Fixture - Nursery Chandelier

Green Apple Custom Chandelier

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