Rustic Stained Wood Ornament Tutorial


DIY Wood Plank Ornament Shabby Chic SSI

I was totally inspired to make a few more DIY Christmas Ornaments when I stumbled upon this amazing Rustic Painted Ornament Etsy shop.  But I knew we could make these for next to nothing with salvaged craft supplies from around the house.  Keep reading for this super simple Rustic Painted Ornament Tutorial.

Here’s the inspiration pic I discovered on Instagram via SalvageChicMarket:

SalvagedChicMarket Ornament


This really only requires you find a couple items.

6″ and 8″ pieces of 2 x 4

dark wood stain

foam brush

wiping cloth

white craft paint

paint brush

paint markers (optional)

DIY Stained Ornament Tutorial SSI

The first step is to get your 2 x 4 scraps the size you want them.  Mine were 6″ – 8″ long but the 6″ worked the best for a single word.

Then you’ll want to sand them to your liking depending on the shape of your boards.

Then you go to town staining.  Go ahead and go with a darker shade.  My wood was thirsty, drinking up the stain like crazy.  I let it sit all night in my garage with a thick coat and it soaked in beautifully by the next morning.

DIY Stained Wood Ornament How To SSI

Once the stain is to your liking and good and dry you can decorate it with your choice of paint.  I chose a stark white for my letters.  I think it makes a king of modern rustic statement and I like that vibe a lot.

DIY Painted Stained Wood Tutorial SSII am not a painter.  Not even a lil’ bit.  I tried to use my white paint marker to write the words at first and it worked perfect during my first pass at “joy”.  After that it gushed white paint with a vengeance, marring my carefully penned words of inspiration, so out of desperation I switched to the  ol’ skinny paint brush and white craft paint.

I used a pencil to write out the words first and filled them in carefully with white paint.


DIY Stained Wood Ornament SSI


I didn’t like our family name ornament as much as the inspiration pic from the Etsy shop I mentioned before, but I think by the time I make a few more to complete my tree I’ll have the hang of it!

Christmas Ornament

I love the way the clustered words look.  They just nestle in the branches although you could always add and eye screw to the top and hang via ribbon or wire.

SIY SHabby Chic OrnamentsSo what do you think?  I’m betting you wouldn’t have to spend more than $5 to make this little project a reality with what you already have on hand.  Not a bad deal, and easy to personalize for kids or gifts.

Thanks for stopping by.  For more Shabby Chic Ornaments like the shell ball and hemp ball in the photo above.  Check out my other DIY Tutorials.

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9 Responses to Rustic Stained Wood Ornament Tutorial

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  2. Lindi says:

    I LOVE these! They are a great idea, and super easy! I’ll drill a couple holes and make a jute string ornament string too :) Thanks! Found you at Lamberts Lately.
    Lindi @

  3. Linda says:

    I love these wooden ornaments! I think one of my daughters and I can find some time to make a few of these. Thanks for sharing this. From Home & Garden Thursday party. Linda

  4. Brittany says:

    I really am in love with this look! I am a little sad that I am finding them this late into the season but I WILL be pinning this so I can add them to my Christmas craft list for next year. Thanks for the idea and helpful tutorial!

  5. These ornaments are a great idea! I am going to bookmark these for this year.

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