Lime Green Nursery Feature

Lime Green Baby Nursery Boy

First of all, don’t you just love this nursery?! We do! It’s featured as one of our new listings in the Etsy shop. Thank you to E from Oh! Apostrophe for sharing E’s darling nursery! Make sure to stop by and visit her for more inspired design and family fun!

The color combo featured here is Dark Blue, Bright Blue, and Green.  Don’t you just love the combo and bright colors?!  What’s your favorite part of the room?  Let us know! Boy Nursery Blue and Green   Nursery Custom Cornices   Blue Green Boy Nursery   Custom Nursery Cornice



Since we are totally loving her lime green cornices, I’ll even share some coordinating fabrics in the lime green colorway.  If you want Simply Salvage to great a custom cornice for your space, please come visit us @ our Etsy Shop.

Metro Living Circles Chartreuse                                                  Premier Prints Gisella Chartreuse/White

Metro Living Circles Chartreuse                        Gisella Chartreuse/White


                                                 Premier Prints Gotcha White/Chartreuse Premier Prints Ikat Dots Chartreuse/White

Gotcha White/Chartreuse                                      Ikat Dots Chartreuse/White


Premier Prints Zig Zag Chartreuse/White                                                  Premier Prints Nicole Chartreuse

Zig Zag Chartreuse/White                                     Nicole Chartreuse


Premier Prints Ele Chartreuse/White                                                   Premier Prints Carrie Stripe White/Chartreuse

Ele Chartreuse/White                                               Carrie Stripe White/Chartreuse


Premier Prints Acoustic Guitars Chartreuse/White

Acoustic Guitars Chartreuse/White

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