Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Gift Wrap Tutorial

Handmade Christmas Paper

So… I didn’t fall in love with any pre-made wrapping paper’s this season, so I made my own using Kraft Paper, Felt, and Yarn! Here’s a Tutorial for the designs I’ve come up with, so you can make your own too! It doesn’t take as long as you would think once you get in the swing of things, give it a try and just wait to see the smile on your gift recipient’s face when they see their gorgeous gifts!

I think the most important question here is…”Who says you can’t use your glue gun to wrap presents?!” Well I certainly did. Mr. Salvage thought I was a little nuts when I sat down to wrap last night with my glue gun by my side, but he loved the results too.


Kraft Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

DIY Wrapping Paper Tutorial

First you’ll need to gather some supplies. Inexpensive Kraft Paper, yarn in red/white/green, felt in red/white/green/black, some tape, white copy paper, and your glue gun.

Snowflake Wrapping Paper

Kraft Paper Wrapping

Snowflake Wrapping Paper

For this one you’ll need some yarn. Wrap your present in Kraft paper then use yarn just like you’d use ribbon and wrap it around your present in whatever pattern you like. I would have loved to have a lazy susan to help me wrap the yarn faster…just spin the present round and round, but I don’t have one of those…yet, so I just spun it on my table the best I could.

Snowflake Wrapping Paper

Place the Snowflakes Wherever

Next I took some plain white copy paper and using this snowflake tutorial made a couple of my own and hot glued them to the front of the package. Sound easy?! It was! Making paper snowflakes is a great project for the kiddos, or anyone who can use a pair of scissors, so don’t be afraid to get them involved in this project too! You can make the snowflakes large or small, use one per package or a dozen…totally up to you and your imagination!

Kraft Christmas Paper Tutorial

Santa’s Belt Wrapping Paper

Santa’s Belt Wrapping Paper

DIY Santa Wrapping Paper

Secure Yarn to the Back of Package

First wrap your yarn around the package. For this one I used a larger band of red yarn for the center and two smaller bands of white yarn on either side. Here’s what the back of my package looks like.

Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Secure Yarn to the Back of Package

To make the belt buckle take your black felt and cut a square proportionate to the size of the yarn band you’ve already added to your package.

Cut a Square from Black Felt

Cut a Square from Black Felt

And cut a rectangle out of the center of your square to make the belt opening.

Felt Santa Belt

Cut Folded Felt into a “C”

Then unfold and hot glue to your package…and you’re done! Super easy and super cute!

Unfold and Glue to Package

Unfold and Glue to Package

Holly Wrapping Paper

Christmas Holly Wrapping Paper

Christmas Holly Wrapping Paper

For this type I just made a small band of white yarn around the width of my package. To make the holly start with a green rectangle for the leaf.

Felt Hollie How To

Cut a Rectangle out of Green Felt

Fold the rectangle in half.

Felt Hollie Tutorial

Fold Your Felt in Half

And start cutting out one side of the holly leaf by making three outside points.

How to Make Felt Holly

Cut One Half of the Leaf Shape

Unfold your cut up rectangle and you’ll have you first holly leaf.

Unfold Your Holly Leaf

Unfold Your Holly Leaf

Then just lay it over your green felt as a template and cut out as many as you’d like. I did two leaves at a time this way so I’d have a matching pair, but if you’re doing lots of packages this way you could mass produce the leaves without having to go through all the steps again, using your first leaf as the template.

Felt Hollie Leaves

Use Your First Leaf as Template

Then just cut some circles from your red felt for the holly berries and glue them all on the package and you’re done! Super cute and custom.

How to Make Holly out of Felt

Cut Circles from Red Felt

Christmas Flower Wrapping Paper

Yarn and Felt Wrapping Paper

Felt Flower Wrapping Paper

Here’s another style I came up with. I wrapped the yarn around in whatever color I was feeling at the moment, sometimes in multiple directions.

Wrap Yarn Around Package

Wrap Yarn Around Package

Then I just made more felt flowers following this no sew felt flower tutorial I did a while ago and hot glued them to the package. Again really easy!

How to Make Bows From Felt

Felt Flower Christmas Paper

Now show off that custom wrapping paper!

Christmas Gift Wrap Tutorial

Handmade Christmas Paper

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  2. Christine says:

    Cute! I’ve been known to use a glue stick when wrapping but never a glue gun. Yet.

  3. Lucy says:

    How very sweet…thank you for sharing…have a beautiful Christmas…xo

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