Felt Topiary Tutorial

DIY Felt Topiary Tutorial

DIY Felt Topiary

I just love all of the ways that felt can dress up your Valentine’s Mantle Decor. This time I’ve used felt to make topiaries, set atop dollar store glass vases. This project is oh so cheap, and easy enough for anyone to do! Follow along for a step by step guide with pictures.


Valentine’s Felt Topiary Tutorial

First you’ll need your supplies. For this project I used (3) 3″ Styrofoam balls from Wal-Mart. (8) sheets of felt for each of the three colors you pick, one pack of straight pins, 3 random glass vases from the Dollar Store and scissors.

DIY Valentine's Decorations

Felt Ball Supplies

First thing first you will need to cut out A LOT of circles, I used 80-90 of each color. To make the cutting faster I layered several sheets of felt so I could cut several circles at once. I used the first circle I cut for a template for the rest, just cutting around it to make the new circles. Here’s HALF the stack you’ll need for each color.

DIY Valentine's Decorations

80+ 3″ Felt Circles

Next you’ll take one circle and fold it in half.

DIY Valentine's Decorations

Fold Circle in Half

Then in half again.

DIY Felt Ball Topiary

Fold in Half Again

Now take a straight pin and go through all the layers at the very bottom tip of the triangle like so.

Valentine's Topiary Tutorial

Insert Pin Into Very End of Triangle

Then pin it to your styrofoam ball, and repeat for the next 89 or so. You can leave a little space between each pin since the top of the petals really fill out a lot of space.

Felt Ball Tutorial

Keep Pinning Petals into Styrofoam

Then just take your balls and place on top glass vases at varying heights, and you’re done! Super cute felt ball topiaries for $10 or less :)

DIY Felt Topiary Tutorial

DIY Felt Topiary

Valentine's Mantle

DIY Valentine’s Decorations

4 Responses to Felt Topiary Tutorial

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  2. What a gorgeous idea! And simple enough that even a non-crafty type like me can reproduce it :0)

    I would love if you shared the project tomorrow at my “Beat the Winter Blues” party. Hope to see you then.

  3. nisa says:

    beautiful! it looks a lil bit complex..but i love the idea to make this idea. thank you for the tutorial :)

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