Felt Rosette Tutorial

DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Rose

Here’s a peek at the next flower in my Felt Flower Tutorial Series. This one is a felt rose with a contrasting center. It’s easy to do, and makes a great accent to tons of your DIY projects!


Felt Rosette Tutorial

First you’ll need to decide what color you want on the outside of your rosette, and what color you want on the inside. For the outside color cut a circle about 4″ in diameter and for the inside cut a small strip about 3/8″ x 3″ long. These dimensions are totally customizable, so play around with larger and smaller flowers once you get the hang of it!

No Sew Felt Flowers

Start with a Felt Circle and Felt Strip

Next you’ll need to cut your circle into a spiral. This does not have to be perfect, but try to keep the pieces of the spiral about the same thickness as you go. Make sure you leave a small circle at the end of your spiral at the end.

Felt Flower Tutorial Rose

Cut Your Circle into A Spiral

Now start with your small strip for the inside of the flower and roll it up like a sleeping bag. You can also skip this step if you want a rosette that is all one color.

DIY Felt Rose

Roll up the Small Strip First

Now start wrapping your new spiral around the center part. The piece of the spiral that is the “outside” of the circle should face the top of your rosette.

Keep on rolling until you get to the end, where the little rounded piece of felt is left. If you like you can use small dabs of hot glue to secure your rosette as you go. It’s a good idea to do this on the outer most petal of your rosette to keep it secure once it all done.

Felt Rose Tutorial

Keep Rolling Until Just the Rounded End is Left

Now flip your rosette over and secure the rounded peice of felt to the bottom. I love the way this provides a perfect natural “cap” on the bottom of your felt rose.

Felt Rosette DIY

Secure the Circle to the Bottom of the Flower

Now go and make some more to decorate your next project!!

DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Rose

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