Felt Mum Tutorial

DIY Felt Mum Tutorial No-Sew

2-Tone Felt Flower

I just love felt flowers. There are so many different variations and styles, and my fabvorite is any style of no-sew felt flower. These are great projects to do with kids – just use low temp hot glue to protect their little fingers!



No Sew Felt Mum Tutorial

First you’ll need 2 pieces of felt in complimenting colors. For my wreath I chose light pink and dark pink. I cut a strip of each color the length of felt I bought, and about 1 1/2″ – 2″ wide. I also cut a circle about 2″ in diameter.

No Sew Felt Mum Tutorial

Start with 2 Strips of Felt and 1 Circle

Next you need to fold your strip of felt in half the long way. Secure this fold on the edge of the felt by using a long continuous bead of hot glue.

Once your felt strip is folded in half, you’ll cut little snips into it, starting at the end that is folded and not the end that is glued. Make sure you do not snip all the way through your strip, but leave the continuous edge where it was glued so all your petals hold together. Here’s a photo of the cutting in process.

Felt Flower Tutorial

Start Cutting Slits in Folded Piece of Fabic

This will be the color that is on the outside of the 2-toned felt mum. Now start attaching your long strip to the circle using hot glue, and winding the new fringed strip around the circe. Keep going for 2 to 3 rounds, leaving a small space in the center without petals.

Felt Mum DIY Tutorial

3 Layers of Petals

Next you’ll take a smaller portion of your complimenting colored felt stip and also cut little snips into that. The size of this peice will determine the size of the center portion of your felt flower.

Felt Flower DIY

Interior of Your Flower

Now roll this strip up, starting at one end, sort of like a sleeping bag…and glue the cluster of petals into the center of the flower you’ve already started. And that’s it! So easy! Use this to accessorize wreaths, as hair pins for young girls, as a clip to accessorize your purse, add to a picture frame for some girly pizazz, well the options are endless :)

DIY Felt Mum Tutorial No-Sew

2-Tone Felt Flower

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