DIY Paper Pennant Banner

Pennant Banner Mantle

Dress up Your Mantle

T minus 3 days until this carnival themed baby shower is getting started. I’ll be out of town the day before the party watching Auburn play the Gators (my 2 favorite college schools) in Auburn so I’ve got to get this house cleaned and decorated before I go.


Yesterday I made these easy DIY paper pennant banners to serve as carnival themed decorations in less than an hour. These will go great with the carnival diaper cake and pom pom puffs I made earlier this week. Here’s a short tutorial to get you started on your own pennant banners!

DIY Pennant Banner Supplies

DIY Pennant Banner

DIY Pennant Banner

You’ll need curling ribbon, scissors, 10+ pieces of scrapbook paper in various colors and prints to match your theme, and a hole punch!

Mark your scrapbook paper so that you get 2 triangles from 1 12 x 12 piece of paper similar to what’s shown below. Cut along your marks so that you have (2) triangle shaped pennants.

DIY Pennant Banner Tutorials

Cut Paper Along the Dotted Lines

Next punch holes in each of your pennants about an inch from the top and edge. Layout the pennants in the order your want them displayed and start running the curling ribbon through the holes at the top.

Paper Pennant Banner

DIY Pennant Banner

Vary patterns and colors however best suits your decor needs. Hang using thumb tacks or by tying onto other decor like I did with my candlestick holders and cornices!

Party Pennant Banner

DIY Paper Pennant Banner

If I was doing a pennant banner for a more permanent decoration I’d use fabric and better ribbon instead, but this is a great easy way to jazz up your decor for a carnival baby shower or birthday party, or display as part of your carnival themed tablescape!

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