DIY Mouse Trap Halloween Costume

Mouse Trap Halloween CostumeAlright, y’all. I won all the bacon at my work costume contest with this one so I thought I’d take the time to share the details in case you want to utilize this fine costume for one of your Halloween celebrations.


You need to collect all your supplies. I’ll focus on the trap part first.

(2) Pieces 1/4″ plywood in 2′ x 4′ panels
(2) Pieces of 2″ x 2″ spindles
(1) Piece of 1/2″ electrical conduit
(2) 1/2″ conduit pipe straps
(1) Roll red duct tape(1) Roll 2″ Grey Ribbon
(1) Lot of nails, screws, whatever
(1) Hickey bar or whatever bends the conduit. We “borrowed” ours from Home Depot for an afternoon.
(1) Foam Brush
(1) Left can of polyurethane
(1) Nail gun
(1) Screwdriver
(1) Saw

Now for the assembly.

We (I) wanted this costume as light as possible since I’d be carrying it around for a while. We went to the wood aisle in Home Depot and got the pre-cut 1/4″ thick wood panels and a couple strips of 2″ x 2″ wood that was hanging out at the end of an aisle to be a spacer. We cut those into about 3″ sections and sandwiched them between the two pieces of wood paying attention to make sure we put a few in the corners and the others in the middleish to give the trap part its shape. Then we used our compressor and nail gun to lock them in place.

Mouse Trap Tutorial

Then my hubby painted each side to with polyurethane to darken up the natural wood grain colors.  Like any dedicated DIYer we just used what was sitting around in the garage.  This picture is pre-sealer.

Mouse Trap Costume Tutorial

I recommend doing this outside, but since Halloween falls right in the middle of football season at my house, I take what I can get when it comes to getting help from the hubby.

Once it was all sealed we added red duct tape around the perimeter, but left the actual gap between the boards on the left and right open for now.  This gives the trap some color without requiring another layer of paint on my hardwood floors ;)

Mouse Trap Tutorial

Now, before you get it all taped up make sure you add the 2″ grey ribbon for the carrying straps.  We made ours like a backpack.   We just tied big ol’ knots in the back, this is why it was important to leave the space down the sides.  Otherwise you’ll have no way to get to your knots.

DIY Mouse Trap CostumeNow you can also add some red duct tape design to the back like we did for a little pzzazz, or you can paint a Victor mouse trap logo if you’re feeling especially ambitious.  Toddlers just knock the ambitious right out of me.

Now you’ll need to bend the conduit to make the trap part.  You use a Hickey bar or conduit bender.  It will take some practice, you might even want to get an extra piece of conduit to practice on.  Took my hubby two tries to get it right. Here’s what the bender looks like in case you’re wondering.

Condiut Bender

The last step is to use your (2) 1/2 conduit straps to reapply your conduit bar to your wooden trap.  If you don’t want to do this step twice, I suggest you screw it in after you put your duct tape on, or perhaps you want to be like us and do it twice.  This picture is from the pre-duct tape round.

Mouse Trap Costume

And there you have it folks.  A DIY Mouse Trap Costume perfect for your Halloween festivities.

Mouse Trap Halloween Costume

And my super fancy design on the back:

DIYMouseTrapCostume - Copy

The costume part was super easy too.  The base is a pair of comfy yoga pants and a long sleeve t-shirt (pajamas) from Target. I got a few packs of fur sheets from Hobby Lobby and cut one into and oval, attaching it to my shirt with safety pins for the chest piece.  To make the boots I staples fold over elastic to the sheets and wrapped ‘em around my legs.  You definitely can skip this step all together.  I’m pretty sure mice don’t have hairy chests and boots, but I liked the little extra bit of funky on my costume.

I found the ears and tail for $5.99 at a costume shop.

The cheese is a giant cheese head from the great state of Wisconsin.  Good luck getting your hands on one of these for a reasonable price during football season.  I finally scored my used cheese head for $9.99 Ebay auction that ended in the middle of the night on a Sunday evening.

I got a makeup kit from Wal-Mart that had a red and black crayon and drew on the whiskers, nose, and red lips.  You might even have makeup in your cosmetics stash to get this done with.

DIY Mouse Costume Make Up

Then if you have the type of family like I do who dresses up together, you can complete  your “pest” theme complete with a baby spider and daddy as the Orkin Man.  The Orkin Man was another DIY costume that only required a little bit of felt, fabric glue, red scrapbook paper, and my trusty Silhouette Cameo.  We already had the hard hat, clothing, and Hudson sprayer in the closet/garage.  What?!  Doesn’t everyone have a hard hat in the closet? Well maybe that’s a easy one for us since we’re both engineers in the construction industry.

DIY Orkin Man Costume - Copy

And here’s our little crew briefly together at our neighborhood trunk or treat.  It was almost impossible to keep that spider out of the bounce house and complete with his head piece.  So this is the best family shot we got.

Family Costume Ideas Spider

Orkin Man Halloween Costume Tutoiral


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15 Responses to DIY Mouse Trap Halloween Costume

  1. Crystelle says:

    You guys are so creative! I love your theme for Halloween! Was your costume uncomfortable to wear? :)
    xox, Crystelle

    • SimplySalvage says:

      Hey Crystelle! I made the trap as light as possible and wore it for about hour stints at a time. Luckily when I took it up the metal trap part acted like a kickstand and I could stand ‘er up just about anywhere, like when helping my son in and out of the jump house at our fall festival!

  2. Stopping by from Tutorial Tuesday link party. So cute and so creative! Was it heavy to carry?

    • SimplySalvage says:

      It weighed about 12 lbs. Not too bad. I’m sure kids carry more than that in their backpacks regularly, but it was a little heavy after a while since 2″ ribbon isn’t exactly the most ergonomic strap!

  3. You’re so clever! I hope when I have a family I can make awesome costumes like this. :)

  4. Shaylee Ann says:

    Cuuuuuute! That is so creative and adorable!

    New follower from the DIY by Design blog hop!

  5. this is adorable and totally unique!

  6. Cute costumes! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!

  7. Deborah says:

    These is just brilliant! I love the mouse trap and how you all dressed in theme! Too funny and absolutely unique. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  8. Sherry says:

    Cute, cute cute!! Thanks for sharing!

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