Digital Design – Maddie’s Room

Getting a Design Plan Together

Black White Pink Grey Bedroom Plan

Black White Pink and Gray

So I love to have a plan before I start decorating any room. Many designers out there create a style board, which is an awesome way to let people see all the elements of the room in one glance. I wish I knew how to do those, finding something online, cutting it out of its background, and placing it on a white background with all kinds of other designs…but alas, just not a skill I’ve mastered yet. But I can kick some butt in Power Point, which is what I used to create this design. Layering shapes, importing pictures from retail site all to create an elevation of what each wall will look like….

So my friend mentioned she was trying to create a “big girl” room for her daughter who’s in first grade. She said she liked the floor plan of the room, wanted to keep the furniture, sheets, and bedspread, and one rug. She had 2 picture frames all picked out for over the bed… she just didn’t know what to do with the rest of the room. So I volunteered to come over and take a look – and created these elevations of what the room could look like with a few changes…

Here’s what Maddie’s Room looks like now….don’t mind the mess, they had just pulled everything off the walls to paint it and that happened to be when I came over.

Pink Black and White Room Ideas

Momma showing the frames for over the bed…

So here you can see the rug, furniture, bedding, and picture frames that are all keepers. The rest can go – especially the painted pink ceiling fan that was there when they moved in. There’s a big window on the left wall too…which left a lot of white and boringness right in the middle of one wall…

Pink Black and White Room

Dresser Wall

So here’s the first go around at a little design to finish up Maddie’s room. I love these because it’s so easy to open up the file and change a color or an accessory with a couple clicks, and get an idea of how it will look in the room.

Pink Black Gray Bedroom

Bed Wall

So here’s the bed wall with all the things we talked about keeping. Out with the old ceiling fan and in with a new black chandelier which finished in a black gloss will add some glam to the room! Maybe we could even throw in some crystals to really help it bling…

The circles in the corner – well they are a cluster of round somethings – ha – either paper lanterns or tissue paper pom poms to add some interest to the barren corner of the room.

Black White Pink Grey Bedroom Plan

Dresser Wall

I decided to have so fun with this wall….stripes anyone? This helps tie in the new fabric and dress up the long wall with the dresser. Maybe reuse the left over cornice fabric to make a magnetic memo board and paint up a frame to match the perfect Diva Pink look they have going on. This will be a great place for Maddie to display her projects from school and anything else she wants to keep high enough that her brother’s can’t reach….at least for now. Some hooks behind the door will work perfect for hanging up book bags, jackets, scarves, or whatever else needs a place off the floor.

Damask Bedroom

Window Wall

So the idea for the window wall was to bring in another fabric option without overwhelming her busy bedspread…hopefully the black and white striped cornice does that without being too much black and white. It also helps break up the sea of white caused by the current window.


Maddie loves to draw and I thought a large chalkboard in a frame would be the perfect way to let her make a picture or write a get out note for her little brothers.

Pink Black White Bedroom

Entry Wall

And this wall is mostly taken up by doors to the hallway and closet…but I love a good cluster of frames and this is a great way to let Momma reuses all the frames and photos she currently has on the floor while she paints…


So…what are your ideas for the this space?!  I’d love to hear them.  I feel like the space under the lanterns could be made more functional….a workspace perhaps, or creative storage…



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