Custom Beaded Chandelier

My Work Has Been Featured on An Awesome Blog!!

Custom Chandelier by Simply Salvage

Custom chandelier made by Simply Salvage

I had just opened my Etsy Shop when along comes a request for a custom chandelier. I was eager and excited to try something new, so after dozens of e-mails about every detail, we agreed on a price and off I went trying to re-create a custom chandelier similar to this Marjorie Skouras design. Here she is all done and shipped out to Krista Salmon of Kiki’s List Blog.

Although this project took a long time to build, and ended up being much more difficult than I originally thought (individually painted 4000+ wooden beads!) I love the result and how she’s used it in her daughter’s room. All I can say is when can I move in?! All photos shown here are taken by Krista Salmon at her home.

Gorgeous Room for Krista's Daughter

CUstom Beaded Chandelier Light

Chandelier all Lit Up

To check out more pictures and details from Krista’s awesome room makeover, or to see the amazing birthday parties she designs, visit her blog..

UPDATE – I’ve done a full tutorial for a beaded chandelier a little smaller than this one. Check out the posts to get started making one of these babies yourself!

Custom Beaded Chandelier Tutorial – Part I – Planning
Custom Beaded Chandelier Tutorial – Part II – The Build

My chandelier has been feature by DecorHacks! I had no idea the original chandelier was $5000+, I’m feeling even better about my creation now!

Decor Hacks

25 Responses to Custom Beaded Chandelier

  1. Your version of the chandelier is gorgeous. We’re featuring it over at next week (on the 13th.)

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  4. You totally rock!! :) I love this chandy. It’s so beautiful. Please feel free to send us links anytime you have a great decor hack to share!

  5. Kendra says:

    Breathtaking! I am just in awe! Just about a month ago I was looking at a turquoise chandelier on the internet that is very similiar to yours. I think it was by Marjorie but I am not sure… all I remember was that it was a couple thousands of dollars and I was thinking how do I make one of these for myself cheeply. And here you have done just that! So very cool! Do you think you will be posting a diy tutorial on this? I have looked through all of your posts and just love everything that you have done! Can’t wait to see what else you post~ I know I will be stalking your blog quite often. :) I LOVE your style and your ideas.

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  7. Holly says:

    This is gorgeous! What a beautiful touch to that darling room!

  8. Tigerlilly says:

    The chandalier is awesome! I am going to try my hand at making one but I don’t think I have the patience to paint 4,000 beads!! LOL

    • SimplySalvage says:

      Awesome! Would love to see the finished product! You can do it! Did you see my tutorial for a similar chandelier? It should help you out a lot! Good luck!

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  10. Theresa says:

    I have been searching for the turquoise chandelier tutorial for weeks. Thanks sooooo much!

  11. Sonya says:

    hi! i’m totally in love with Marjorie Skouras beaded chandeliers! i work for an interior design company and we love the navy/red beaded chandelier that she has but not the price! Could you quote us for something similar? Lead time? Your work looks great!

    • SimplySalvage says:

      Hey, thank you! I’m not building chandeliers right now, sorry!!! Keep an eye on my Etsy shop, they will be listed when I start to take orders again. Lindsey @ SimplySalvage

  12. Laura Lanier says:

    Are you still making these? If so, I am very interested in buying one! Please email me at

    Thank you!

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