Custom Beaded Chandelier Tutorial – Part I – Planning

Custom Beaded Chandelier

Custom Beaded Chandelier

I’ve had my eye on all of the gorgeous beaded chandeliers floating around out there, so I was more than excited when a Camilia from Effortless Style Blog came to me and asked my if I could do a build for her nursery similar in shape to this Malibu Chandelier by Serena & Lily. She wanted a more “Hollywood Regency” look than the au natural inspiration and chose green beads and orange leather cording for her accents. Anyone can do one of these builds themselves with a little time and patience…and a little know how, which this tutorial will hopefully give you!



This is a long project so I’m going to split it up into the planning phase and the finishing phase. This build definitely takes a little thought when ordering all the materials, so I’ll try to describe how that all works so you can tackle this project yourself!

Fist, you’ll need to choose the shape of your build. For Camilia’s piece, we wanted a single basket shape, with beads draping from a larger top ring to a smaller bottom ring. In order for this to work, and the whole chandelier to look full (both top and bottom) I knew I’d need different sized beads…larger ones for the top ring, and smaller ones at the bottom ring.

Serena & Lily Malibu Chandelier DIY

Serena & Lily Malibu Chandelier


Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Fire Mountain gems is a great resource when looking for beads. They have all shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from. If you want to do a build like this one you’ll need to find a bead that comes in various sizes. Our custom chandelier used 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm round emerald glass beads.

Custom Beaded Chandelier Tutorial

Fire Mountain Green Beads

Also we knew we wanted the chandelier to be 12″ in diameter at the top and about 10″ tall. The first pieces I order are the lamp rings which define the overall diameter of the piece. Mine came from the Lamp Shop and are 1/2″ recessed washer top rings.  I got one that was 12″ and one that was 5″ in diameter.

Washer Top Rings

Lamp Rings

Next you’ll need to figure out how many light bulbs you would like in your fixture. We wanted 2, so I hunted down this 2 lite cluster socket from e-bay. I love this product in particular because it already comes wired with power and a ground wire, and includes threaded rod on the top and bottom…perfect for chandelier building.

2 Lite Cluster Socket

2 Lite Cluster Socket

Next you’ll need some other random components for your build…these are all readily available at Home Depot or Lowes, although my e-bay seller typically has lower prices if you know for sure what you need. Just make sure you watch the sizes and threading configuration to make sure everything will fit together when it gets home…when I order online I always end up with a few oops products that I can’t use.

My build used 3 total couplers so I bought 2 packs from Home Depot.

Threaded Rod Couplings

Threaded Rod Couplers

Brass Lock Nuts (12-Pack) 7017200
will help hold everything in place along your threaded rod.

Hex Nuts

Brass Hex Nuts

There are a few different size options for extending the light sockets. Depending on size they can be called steel nipples or all threads. Here’s a couple of the products I keep around for my build.

Threaded Rod

3″ Steel Nipples

How to Build a Chandelier

Various Steel Nipples

How to Build a Chandelier

Steel Nipples

All-Thread Lamp Pipe Kit 7027200
This kit comes with larger all-thread and already has the nuts and couplings for a good value. It is sometimes hard to cut down the all-thread if it is too long though, so keep that in mind when choosing.

All-Thread Lamp Pipe Kit 7027200

15 Ft. Replacement Lamp Cord, Gold 7010300
– I used speaker wire I had Home Depot cut by the foot in there electrical section but you could use a replacement lamp cord too and either keep the plug at the end or just cut it off for a hard wire application. The gold cord looks best when using a gold chain….

15 Ft. Replacement Lamp Cord, Gold 7010300


5 in. Canopy Kit 7005300
– Or Similar. Home Depot has them in all different finishes and patterns from basic to ornate.

5 in. Canopy Kit 7005300

You’ll also need some chain to hang your chandelier from your canopy.  It is readily available at hardware stores or from the ebay lamp store.

Brass Chain

Last you’ll need a loop to attach to the top of the chandelier to attach the chain to there…

Loop Collar

Loop Collar

Now for the top ring you may notice that the band in larger than the edge of the lamp ring. I’ve thickened this a couple of different ways. I have used laminate edging…and spray painted it…or for this project I just used plastic banding that they put on pallet’s which was a gift from my local home improvement store :) Gotta love those guys!

Veneer Edging

Veneer Edging

And you’ll also need some cording to do your wrapping at the large band and bottom. I love using hemp but this project called for leather. Here’s what it looks like out of the box.

Leather Cording

Leather Cording

Last you may want some of these miscellaneous supplies on hand.  Metallic Spray paint to turn all of your chandelier structure pieces the same color…E6000 – the miracle adhesive….painter’s tape to protect the electronics if you spray paint, clothes pins (trust me you’ll definitely want these!), mono-filament for stringing up your beads and pie tins for organizing them.

Ready to Build? Check out Part II of the Custom Beaded Chandelier Tutorial and get going! Don’t forget to share some pics of your awesome creations!


Are you exhausted from thinking about all the parts and pieces? In case you forgot why we’re doing all this hard work…here’s a few reminders!

Serena & Lily Chandelier Knock-Off

DIY Custom Beaded Chandelier

Beaded Chandelier Tutorial

A Look At The Inside


Custom Beaded Chandelier

Custom Beaded Chandelier

16 Responses to Custom Beaded Chandelier Tutorial – Part I – Planning

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  4. Wow, I am so glad I came upon your tutorial! I can not believe the price they want for this fixture, and I too thought of how it could be replicated, but now I don’t have to figure it out, you did it for me! I pinned it for future reference. Thanks so much for doing all the hard work, it looks fantastic!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Hi… I really want to try one of these, but I need a rectangular one. Is there a base available for that shape??

  6. Kari says:

    If u think that one is expensive, you should see the turquoise one on the Horchow website!!!! And I even tried to think of things I could sell to get it. Insane! I am now inspired!!!

  7. Kristi says:

    I am going to make a chandy for my Airstream. Before I run out, willy nilly, and start buying beads: what is a rough estimate of each size you purchased? I’m considering springing for the “real thing” on my beads and would not want to be murdered in my sleep if I were to wind up with a zillion dollars worth of “spare” semi precious beads.
    You tutorial is just fantastic. You’ve opened up a whole can of dangling blinged out worms here. With your info I’m getting ideas of sconces and ceiling fixtures. LET THERE BE LIGHT- only sparkly…mkay?!?

  8. annette murphy says:

    Wonderful work. I am in love with the Seychelles cut sea glass chandaleer from Selena and Lily. It is very similar to the one you reproduced. I am trying to find a source for the type of glass. Have you any thoughts. Once again great work. I am very tempted to get working on this project.

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  10. ashley says:

    I’m getting ready to make this! So excited. If I were to just buy a pendant light setup for one bulb – do you think the coupler will still work for the second smaller ring?

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  12. Amanda says:

    WOW this is exactly what I was looking for! Found a similar looking chandelier… with a price tag of $1,500! Not gonna work on my grad student budget, so I thought I could DIY it. After lots and lots of thinking (maybe use a hanging basket as a template, maybe frankenstein together a light fixture I found at Target)… I thought I’d search for a tutorial. THANKS SO MUCH, this is perfect! I’ll send pics once I make mine :))

  13. Charlotte Clarkson says:

    Any idea how many beads you used of each size per strand? Also how many beads to order total? Sorry But just bought everything except beads and am excited! Thanks:)

    • SimplySalvage says:

      I made this years ago, so no idea today. You just have to give it the ol’ trial and error to see what works for you. Each chandelier I did was slightly different.

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