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Chevron and Fabulous


Chevron Fabrics It’s no secret I love Chevron, it is such a popular print, and comes in so many modern color combinations. It can be used in so many ways…around the home, and on clothing and accessories. My Craft Spotlight has a fabulous collection of DIY Chevron Projects – 30 to be exact. :) So hop on over and check them out. Here’s a few of my favorites.




Maddie’s Room – The Reveal


Black White and Pink Girls Room DIY


A while back a dear friend of mine let me come up with some design ideas for her daughter, Madelyn’s room. Take a look at the original digital design post for the before pictures. She didn’t go for the striped wall I planned, but we got to try out just about everything else! Here’s the reveal :) She loves her big girl room, and at 8, I’m sure she’ll love it for years to come as she grows too!



Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Gift Wrap Tutorial

Handmade Christmas Paper

So… I didn’t fall in love with any pre-made wrapping paper’s this season, so I made my own using Kraft Paper, Felt, and Yarn! Here’s a Tutorial for the designs I’ve come up with, so you can make your own too! It doesn’t take as long as you would think once you get in the swing of things, give it a try and just wait to see the smile on your gift recipient’s face when they see their gorgeous gifts!

Dwell Studio Bella Porte Fabric

Furniture Before and After

Refinished Chair in Dwell Studio Bella Porte Twilight

I’ve had the pleasure on using Dwell Studio’s Bella Porte fabric on several projects recently…and of course in my own bedroom. This refinished chair project was for one of my Etsy clients. (more…)

Carnival Themed Baby Shower

Carnival Themed Baby Shower  Finally some photos from Crystal’s awesome Carnival Baby Shower from October.  I had so much fun coming up with ideas to decorate this party!  Circus Party decorations are so bright and cheery and perfect for a child’s birthday or baby shower!


Master Bedroom Tour

Welcome to Our Home

Navy Black White Master Bedroom

Well, besides creeping into backgrounds this will be the first time I share my home with you. Today we’ll tour my master bedroom which is still very much a work in progress, but if I waited for everything to be completed you’d probably never get a glimpse inside…so here goes nothing.


Digital Design – Maddie’s Room

Getting a Design Plan Together

Black White Pink Grey Bedroom Plan

Black White Pink and Gray

So I love to have a plan before I start decorating any room. Many designers out there create a style board, which is an awesome way to let people see all the elements of the room in one glance. I wish I knew how to do those, finding something online, cutting it out of its background, and placing it on a white background with all kinds of other designs…but alas, just not a skill I’ve mastered yet. But I can kick some butt in Power Point, which is what I used to create this design. Layering shapes, importing pictures from retail site all to create an elevation of what each wall will look like….


Waverly Cross Section

Waverly Lattice Peach Kitchen

Waverly Cross Section Peach

I love this fabric. It’s modern but kind of crisp at the same time. Great for anything around the home. I’ve seen people use it for curtains, pillows, on furniture. This picture is from a magnetic memo board I did but I can’t find this color on anymore….hate when that happens. I do happen to have this fabric in green/white and charcoal/white.  I’ll be posting about a bench re-do with the charcoal on the reupholstered seat. Here’s a sneak peek of the finished project :)