Carnival Themed Baby Shower


Baby Boy Baby Shower - Circus Style

Beautiful Table Scape for Circus Baby Shower

I don’t get the opportunity to party plan often…being an only child means I have no siblings to throw bridal or baby showers for, no nieces and nephews to plan birthday parties for, and well, since I have no children of my own either, that leaves me with little chance to utilize all the fabulous birthday party ideas and baby shower ideas that I have running through my head.  But, the good news is I now have the chance to host a baby shower for my good friend here in Alabama.  So what better baby shower theme than a Carnival/Circus themed baby boy baby shower!  I can’t wait to have all those bright colors all over my house, and I can’t wait to do it Simply Salvage style either!


Baby Shower Decorations

I like to decorate from the top down, so to speak, and especially love party decorations that hang down from the ceiling. There are several DIY party decorations I’ve been keeping in reserve for just this purpose. I made this fabulous custom purple chandelier to sell on Etsy and if she’s hanging around, she will most definitely be installed in my dining room temporarily to add to the fun of the room.  But just one chandelier will leave a lot of empty space, so I’m going to DIY some tissue paper pom poms to also hang from the ceiling in tons of bright and fun colors.  Just like these!

Party Ceiling Decorations

Birthday Party Decorations

Party Decorations Chandelier

Party Decorations

DIY Baby Shower Decorations

DIY Pom Pom Tutorial

Baby Boy Baby Shower - Circus Stylee

Beautiful Table Scape for Circus Baby Shower

Party Table Decorations

Etsy has tons and tons of inexpensive party decorations for the taking. I’m going to make some brightly colored cupcake stands, or appetizer pedestals, or whatever you want to call them to display all of my appetizers. Some snacks, like popcorn and pretzels will be put into brightly colored nut cups and displayed on bright stands. This kind of appetizer presentation is great because it lets guests easily grab individual sized portions, without a plate, and keep mingling through the party guests, plus it will be so cute to have bright carnival colors at every turn.

Circus Party Decorations

Carnival Table Scape

Etsy Shopping

Simply Salvage

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