Where Do You Find Brass Chandeliers????

Painted Brass Chandelier Shabby Chic Chandelier

Let’s talk chandeliers. With all the DIYers out there, and designers not afraid to use a pop of color in any space, it’s not surprise we’re seeing more and more demand for painted chandeliers in our Etsy shop. I’ve had a ton of comments and messages over the year asking me where I find my brass chandeliers, either new or old, to give a facelift.

2014 Note – I try to update the chandelier links from time to time so you’ll have some current options.  For tutorials on How to Upcycle a Brass Chandelier and How to Dress Up Chandelier Candlesticks click the title.

I no longer offer these little gems in my shop, but still do refinish chandelier’s like this antler chandelier I did for my son’s nursery :)

Where to find Craft Chandelier

Well, there are all kinds of places to find old chandeliers with a ton of personality and charm. Just keep your eyes open, and up to the ceiling in many cases for vintage chandeliers at:

Thrift Shops
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Flea Markets
Garage Sales
Sometimes Ebay (if you can find Free Shipping).

If you buy a standard brass chandeleir this way you can find great prices in the $5-$20+ range depending on the size and scale of the chandelier, and well, depending on how eager the former owner is to “de-brass” their ceiling lights.

In my Etsy shop I have chosen to pay more per chandelier and buy them new. There are a lot of reasons I do this.

DIY Chandelier Tutorial

1. I am not a licesenced electrician, and I often don’t know if there is a code problem or bad wiring in an old chandelier. New chandeliers come pre-wired, with safe and current building materials. That sure is great piece of mind to have, especially when hanging one of these fixtures in your home where the most important people in your life sleep at night.

2. I like to buy multiple chandeliers at once. When I find a good price it is not uncommon to see a semi-truck pull up outside of my suburban home and offload a dozen or more chandeliers at once. To find this many used chandeliers I would have to spend a lot of time and miles on the road visiting flea markets and other sales. Although I don’t mind flea market shopping, I just don’t want to depend on this for my source of fixtures.

3. FREE Shipping :) By the time you drive around and find even 1 perfect chandelier, you’ve probably upped the price if you were to include gas costs, and payment for your time. And since time is money around this shop – the ease of online ordering and free shipping can’t be beat.

So you may ask – What does a new brass chandelier cost?

Well, I’ve found them anywhere from $15 – $150 for a standard 5 or 6 arm brass chandelier. Here’s an example of some current offerings from Build.com, a reliable source I have used many times.

Nuvo Lighting SF76/280 Polished Brass  5 Light 18
Nuvo Lighting  Brass 5 Light  -$56.00

Minka Lavery 4705-33 Solid Brass Charleston 24 Light 1 Tier CandleMinka Lavery Brass Chandelier – $60.00

Woodbridge Lighting 18000-PBR Polished Brass Williamsburg 5 Light UpWoodbridge 5 Light Brass Chandelier – $89.00

Pink Chandelier DIY Upcycle

3 Responses to Where Do You Find Brass Chandeliers????

  1. Nicoleta says:

    I love bras chandeliers. I want to make one for candles.

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  3. Dawn says:

    Thanks for the resources! We are renovating our retail space and looking to add some character with chandeliers!

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