Rustic Stained Wood Ornament Tutorial


DIY Wood Plank Ornament Shabby Chic SSI

I was totally inspired to make a few more DIY Christmas Ornaments when I stumbled upon this amazing Rustic Painted Ornament Etsy shop.  But I knew we could make these for next to nothing with salvaged craft supplies from around the house.  Keep reading for this super simple Rustic Painted Ornament Tutorial.

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Shabby Chic DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornament

I have an au natural Christmas tree with just a little bit of sparkle. White lights, ornaments in cream, gold, silver, glass and natural rafia and hemp…I haven’t purchased a single ornament this year, but wanted to add to my collection, so I made several of my own ornaments in these two styles. Here’s a full tutorial on how you can make your own DIY Hemp Ball Ornament and DIY Shell Ball Ornament.

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Front Entry Makeover Reveal

Front Entry Before and After Makeover

Well, this poor little entry was like the lost continent in my house.  It was sooo sad for years.  I guess we would just hurry by this barren waste land and block it from our memory once we entered the rest of the house a few steps away.  But not anymore!  Now I just love the impact my new entry makes you walk in (or out) the door!


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